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Loading... is a 7 years experienced stock market consultancy. have strong research team. provide more then 80 – 85% accuracy tips. is the leading research based advisory company in Mcx – Ncdex Market has the most successful advisory team and predicted the market direction always ahead of others.

We provide 3 to 5 calls in a day.

Above 85%


We accept payment by cash, chaque, netbanking, creditcard,

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Trading Recommend:
We always suggest Intraday Trading to our customers because in the present scenario, the Indian markets are mostly governed by the global trends which can change in a day or night. Hence, our all calls are purely intraday.

Faq Provide:
We give Intraday , positional, btst, stbt Recommendations.

It entirely depends on the investors, what targets they have in mind and at what target they want to book profits, but our approach is that once the first target is achieved, you should modify the Stop Loss to the first target and wait for the second target. That way you would be able to book profit it in case the script doesn’t achieve second target.

Investment: There is no such minimum investment required for our calls. You can choose the lot size according to your convenience

Calls Provide:
Weprovide Intraday Calls. But some time we also provide BTST/STBT Calls 2 to 3 call in a week

Yes, we do provide Jackpot calls whenever we find some Opportunity and Value Buy in the market. 2 to 4 call in a month

Provide Suggestion: Yes, we provide complete follow-ups for both target achive & in case book profit before target achive

Provision of Refund: We provide all calls with well analyzed Stop Loss. So in most of the cases, you will not end up making loss. However, money paid is not refundable in any case.

Tips to Work: Be in the market.
Work as soon as message reaches to you.
If the message reaches after achieving the target then do not work on it.
Be in the Mobile network Area.
Keep the inbox clear.
Sometimes the movement of script is high so cannot reach at time so do not work on it.

We don’t guarantee anything, but we help you to minimize your losses and try and help you in increasing your profits. We assume that initially every trader goes through three stages. First he has to give losses, second stage he breakeven i.e. no profit no loss and third stage he starts earning profits. (85 percent traders finish themselves at the first stage only). More details on this are on the site.

Technical Analysis is the study of market action, primarily through the use of charts, for the purpose of forecasting future trends. It is an art of identifying trend changes at an early stage and to maintain an investment posture until the weight of evidence indicates that trend has reversed. Technical Analysis is the science of recording, in geographical form, the actual history of trading in a certain stock or in the averages and then deducing from that pictured history the probable future trend.

The Assumptions are :- Market Value is determined solely by interaction of demand and supply.
Demand and Supply are governed by numerous factors, both rational and irrational.
Ignoring minor fluctuations in the market, stock prices tend to move in trends which persist for an appreciable length of time.
Changes in trend are caused by shifts in demand and supply.
Shift in demand and supply, no matter they occur can be detected sooner or later in charts of market action.
Some chart patterns tend to repeat themselves.

The worst that can happen is when a trader places too much importance on his present trade so much so as to make it a life and death issue (over exposure). Most traders place too much significance and meaning on each trade, making it difficult to cut losses or admit they are wrong.

Tension occurs mainly when you are overtrading and have no rules and stop losses.

Yes, we are giving you entry & exit levels.


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